Yulia Tretyakova
Product Manager

I am seeking a Product manager's job opportunities in Oslo, Riga and Moscow (have my residence and work permit in Norway, Latvia and Russia).

I might be the right candidate for you if your company is interested in product localization, growth opportunities, and customer development.
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Lomonosov Moscow State University
Faculty of Economics, Master of Management
MGIMO University
Faculty of International Relation, Bachelor
Product University
Work experience
Business Operations Manager at Czech Real Estate Developer
- Moscow Office set-up;
- Project Managed website development for Getberg Investments;
- Built-up the filing and reporting system for Prague Office;
- Prepared marketing research on Russian Investment market;
- Was responsible for hiring in Russia;
- Took care of participation in 3 international property shows.
Business assistant at KICKICO
- Developed and implemented internal compensation and reimbursement policies based on self-conducted employees' expenses audit;

- Built trusting relations with partners: consultants, vendors, potential investors and candidates;

- Improved communication inside the team resulting in speeding up decision making
Project Administrator of Russian and Latvian business at IoT start-up
- Set up Iotive office in Russia, incorporated it into Iotive Europe SIA and successfully transferred Russian legal entity overseas;
- Coordinated the matters with public control and administration authorities;
- Set a vendor database from scratch (billing and legal outsource, translators etc.);
- Produced and submitted annual report;
- Agreed on terms of contract for production of information counters and supply from Russia to the United States (for YogiPay, part of Gibbs Investment Holdings).
Core Skills
1. Experienced team worker with a strong ability to make decisions, get and set forth the initial task.
2. Customer Journey Mapping
3. Unit Analysis
4. Data analysis/market research, ability to structure information.
5. Experience in making decisions on the basis of information I have, even if that is not a whole picture, ability to cope with uncertainty and risk and to adopt to change.
6. MVP design
7. Tilda
8. Scrum.

Additional information
Additional Courses
Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery by Udemy.com

Customer Journey Mapping by IKRA

ProductUniversity by Arkady Moreynis

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